PHILIP Wright and John Grantham’s letter in the Bridport News on January 15 really summed up all that is wrong with West Dorset District Council.

There is no democracy.

How can there be democracy when you have a council cabinet composed of six members of the Conservative Party, who, regardless of the wishes of the people of West Dorset, make decisions, and then implement them, with no consultation with other members of the council or the general public?

Why do the cabinet members, council leader, and Oliver Letwin, consistently decline to attend meetings called by public bodies when invited?

If they are so sure about decisions they have made why do they not attend to argue their case?

Could it be that in most cases, they will be voted down?

Now we have a new system of waste collection being imposed on us, and have we been consulted or asked our views? No.

How can the cost of staffing bins, transport etc running into millions be justified?

Can you imagine the chaos in north Allington for example.

Where do they put all their bins?

All power to John Grantham and Public First Group.

Something has got to change in the West Dorset District Council.

Give people in West Dorset back the right to have some say in decisions made.

Orchard Crescent