I WAS so pleased when I heard that Cllr Gould had been elected as leader of Dorset County Council.

At least we have a man with modern forward vision to lead us.

I expect he is thinking, as many are, that County Hall needs a rethink.

He knows, as we all do, that the building is really past its sell by date.

It is uneconomic by present standards, with long corridors and many rooms, is difficult for staff to get around and of course is costly to heat and maintain.

He must be thinking that the best thing to do would be to knock it down, or sell it as a knock down price, as soon as possible, then a new office could be built, somewhere central, say Poundbury.

It might cost millions of pounds but of course that money would be recouped in no time, with the increased efficiency of the new building and staff hot-desking in a smaller building.

JOHN SKEVINGTON Rampart Walk Dorchester