CHRISTMAS seems to bring out both the worst and the best in human nature.

On one hand, we have big businesses with its relentless tacky advertising, trying to persuade us to part with money we can’t afford – to buy things we don’t need.

On the other, we have ordinary people doing their best to help those less fortunate in our society – whether it be organising food banks, going into the freezing sea to raise money for charity, or giving up their own Christmas Day to cook and serve Christmas dinners for the homeless.

I have a friend who wanted to help on Christmas morning with dinners for wayfarers at the Pilsdon Centre – but was told they already had enough volunteers.

So she offered to help at Bridport United Church where people from the various churches in our town cooked and served lunches for more than 60 people who would otherwise have spent Christmas Day on their own. Again she was told they already had enough help.

What a wonderful thing it is that in this materialistic age, there are still so many good kind people about.

JOYCE HUNT Wanderwell Bridport