2015 is the year Feral Cat Care celebrates 20 years of helping cats and kittens.

During this time we have neutered and microchipped thousands of cats, however there is still a lot more work to do.

Our aim has always been to introduce a better quality of life to feral cats and to control their number by neutering.

Feral cats are not a specific breed of cat, they are in the main domestic cats that have become strays through no fault of their own and have become extremely wary of humans.

Un-neutered strays then breed and kittens are born outside, being denied the all-important human contact in their few weeks of life.

Un-neutered domestic male cats can become strays by wandering miles looking for a female cat.

During this time they are scavenging for food and quite often enter other cat’s territories and homes.

This results in territorial fighting and urine spraying.

As this is unacceptable behaviour the strays are usually shooed away making them increasingly wary and frightened of humans.

The only way to reduce the number of strays that become feral is by neutering and microchipping.

We are encouraging owners of domestic cats to neuter and microchip their pet, as should the worst happen and their cat becomes lost, the microchip will enable the cat and owner to be re-united, and the neutering will prevent uncontrolled breeding.

During January and February Feral Cat Care are microchipping cats free of charge and neutering male cats for a suggested donation of £5 and females cats £10.

Please telephone 01305 871656 for details of our designated local vets.

LYNDA DOWNTON Feral Cat are Cemetery Road Portesham