I AM disappointed, annoyed and disgusted that West Dorset District Council is using a technicality to avoid debating the Advearse petition. The debate on a genuine concern of the townspeople to build 760 new homes on Vearse Farm has been sidestepped.

It has turned a blind eye to those concerns.

Whilst the Local Plan has been publicly examined, only those few people invited by the inspector were able to state their concerns.

For the masses who signed the petition, their one and only chance of doing so has been kicked into touch, and this I regard as being totally undemocratic and disgraceful.



ARE we living in a democratic country or not? It appears the latter.

I was furious to learn that the petitions handed to West Dorset District Council against the development of Vearse Farm, along with another against building on our car parks, have both been rejected on a technicality.

It is only what we have come to expect from WDDC.

They have a record of ‘we will do as we want and not what the people we represent want’.

I can only say to all the people that have signed the two petitions contact the council and show your disgust at this outrageous action from WDDC.

GEORGE COX, De Legh Grove, Bridport