A VISIT to Bridport Pantomime Players’ exhibition at the town hall last week ’50 Years of Pantomime’ was like stepping into another world of music and laughter, plus a little trip down memory lane.

From the old black and white photos taken when the pantomime first started to the modern digital screen displays there was something familiar for everyone.

Costumes galore – those dames know how to dress to kill – and tiny tots’ costumes which brought a tear to the eye of many a mum and grannie remembering their own panto days.

The giant’s shoes were very big, as was his knife and fork, on display with many other props. There was event a live goose wandering around.

Congratulations to the Pantomime Players, not only for their achievement in being around for 50 years, but also for taking the time to put on such a stunning exhibition right in the middle of their rehearsals for next year’s pantomime in February. It was all brilliant.

Trustin Close,