Idina Menzel believes Frozen is a timely warning against the powerful using “fear to keep people in their place”.

The star said the darker tone of the new Disney adventure matches the mood of the modern world.

Menzel thinks the message of the animated sequel is something “we need to hear”.

Her character Elsa returns with Anna, Olaf and Kristoff in the new film, released six years after the original hit.

Menzel believes a darkening tone is fitting, saying: “I feel that often people in power use fear to keep people in their place, and keep the status quo.

“I feel it’s very relevant and, actually, a deep theme for this kind of film, but maybe something that we need to hear, and that we can’t be afraid of change, and we have to take risks and if we feel that calling in ourselves to do something different, to change the world, that we have to listen to that voice.”

Menzel said that despite the dark tone of the film, the adventure carries a positive message.

She believes her own character, a magical princess, has been an inspiration to fans.

She said: “Elsa and Frozen have given them permission to be their truest, authentic self, and the stories that they’ve told and shared with me.”

Frozen 2 is out now in UK cinemas.