PORTUGAL will be looking to bounce back tonight after being demolished 4-0 by Germany in their first Group G game.

The Portuguese were dismantled to devastating effect by a German side that are looking dangerous.

Tonight Ronaldo – if he is fit – and co meet the USA in Manaus at 11pm.

The US were impressive themselves in beating Ghana in their first match and will surely fancy themselves against a team that could still be hurting from that crushing.

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Alex De Freitas, who runs the Good Food by Alex restaurant in Bournemouth, is cheering on her home country, Portugal.

She said: “Nobody expected that result (against Germany). Pepe (who was sent off) made it much harder for Portugal but I’m still proud of them, they kept on trying.

“I think we will do very well from now on.

“We have got two injuries now and of course the red card, but I’m very confident that we will do well in the next two games.

“Sometimes you need to be at the bottom to come up again. I’m very positive and so is the rest of Portugal.”

Meanwhile, Vianna Renaud, who works at Bournemouth University, is backing her native USA side.

She said of the first game: “Wow – it was definitely what I wanted to see, but what with so much excitement.

“While Clint Dempsey’s early goal clearly made one feel better, Ghana scoring at the 82nd minute definitely changed things.

“I was sitting on pins and needles until John Brooks’ second goal; surprising but absolutely wonderful for all of us watching.

“Jurgen Klinsmann must be really proud that finally, the US has beat the Black Stars, particularly after our history of them putting us out in the last two World Cups.

“However, the match with Portugal is next, which is bound to be another nail biting experience. Let’s hope the US team can stay concentrated and confident.

“The real question for this match is not who’s going to be going home, but more like which team can persevere through their injuries and missing players.

“With Ronaldo defying his medical advice by playing the match, to Jozy Altidore sitting this match out due to his previous injury, the verdict is out on this one.

“Throw in Dempsey’s broken nose and top defender Pepe’s red card, which has put him out of action, it will be interesting to see which team can pull this one off. I think in spite of everything, Portugal is the favourite, however I am hoping for the Team USA luck to continue.”

Before the USA v Portugal match, Belgium take on Russia in Group H at 5pm in Rio.

Belgium beat Algeria in their first game 2-1 and will fancy a similar result against the Russians, who drew 1-1 with South Korea.

The 8pm match sees the Koreans take on Algeria in Porto Alegre.

Junbeom Kim, a student living in Poole, is following his home country.

He said: “It wasn’t a great result but I’m not disappointed.

“It was a good try; many people in Korea are being realistic. The Koreans do well against African teams usually, better than against European teams.

“If we lose that game it will probably be really difficult to go to the next round with the last game against Belgium.

“We need to concentrate more after scoring if we want to get three points. Many Koreans are happy about the first match.”