AN EXTRA division could be added to Dorset’s league system, according to the Dorset Football League (DFL).

In line with the FA’s voiding of all leagues in Steps 3 to 7, the DFL’s divisions suffered the same fate with no promotions, relegations or cup presentations.

However, it has emerged a new tier could be added.

Currently, the DFL houses five divisions from the Dorset Senior League to Division Four.

In a statement the DFL said: “Due to the circumstances we find ourselves in and in accordance with the Football Association, the 2019-20 Dorset Football League season will not be completed and it will be null and void with no promotions, relegations or cup presentations.

“All teams within our league fully understand and are eagerly awaiting the 2020-21 season.

“As a committee we are using this time to get as much in place as we can for next season including, hopefully, having an extra division.”