COLFOX School hosted the Primary Area Cross Country competition, where more than 200 runners took part, despite the wet weather.

The first race was the inaugural Year Three race featuring boys and girls in the same race.

Colfox's head of sport, Andy David said: "It was a fantastic event and brought a real buzz to the event.

"The weather was all nice and calm until I said 'go' and at that point we had an absolute downpour so the kids did amazing to even finish the course."

Individual boys: 1 Henry O'Dwyer (Symondsbury)

Individual girls: Eloise Found (Symondsbury), 2 Tilly Winters-O'Brien (St Catherine's), 3 Pixie Phillips (Symondsbury)

Team results: 1 Symondsbury (26pts), 2 St Catherine's (41pts), 3 Beaminster St Mary's (54pts).

The girls were next in what was an incredibly close race with just five points separating first and third-placed teams.

St Michael's took the first place B team as well as the third-placed A team.

Individual girls: 1 Rosa Tucker (Symondsbury), 2 Anna Scarborough (Parret and Axe), 3 Maisie Pitcher (Salway Ash).

Team results: St Catherines (41pts), 2 Parret and Axe (45pts), 3 St Michaels (46pts) – St Michael's first-placed B team

Finally, the boys and it proved to be a great day for the Bridport Primary boys, winning both the A and B Cups, demonstrating huge strength in depth.

Results: 1 Alex Cox (Symondsbury), 2 Jonny Styrin (St Catherine's), 3 Kieren Coombs (Bridport Primary).

Team results: 1 Bridport Primary (25pts), 2 St Catherine's (53pts), 3 Symondsbury (63pts).