CONNOR Hallett bagged second place at the West Bay Angling Club’s Saturday junior match and now sets his sights on representing England at the Home Internationals in Ireland.

Eleven junior members and two guests competed in the latest match from East Pier, which was the best turnout so far this year.

Though it was a dry day the fish did not seem to be about in great numbers with only five anglers catching fish.


1 Ellis McCullagh, 201g legal weight, 2 Connor Hallett, 193g legal weight, 3 Yasmin Harwood (L), 92g

Heaviest Flat Fish: Yasmin Harwood, 65g flounder

Heaviest Round Fish: Connor Hallett, 133g corkwing wrasse

Best Lady: Yasmin Harwood First Fish: Ellis McCullagh Last Fish: Yasmin Harwood Most Species: Connor Hallett (three)

Wooden Spoon: Morgan Wilmot

Weather: Cloudy with south-westerly wind four. Sea had a heavy swell and coloured.

o o o

FOURTEEN members fished the first Thursday night rover of the summer months.

Many of the competitors chose to fish West Bay, and this proved a good decision as the winner of the match was located at East Beach and the competitor with the heaviest fish fished the pier.

Almost half the competitors failed to catch any fish but Mark Kershaw who fished Burton Bradstock did catch a bass.


1 Tony Colls, 4kg 195g (five dogfish), 2 PJ Wheeler, 4kg 115g (five dogfish and one pout), 3 Craig Horton, 3kg 860g small-eyed ray

Heaviest Fish: Craig Horton, 3kg 860g small eyed ray

Most Species: Adam Cullingford, (three)

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FIVE juniors signed on to fish the match on East Pier on a cloudy day with some sunny spells.

All the competitors caught fish and the species included shanny, mackerel, plaice, sea scorpion, wrasse and flounder.

Most of the fish fell to ragworm with the exception of the mackerel which were caught on mackerel strip.


1 Jack Parkman, 604g legal weight, 2 Elliot Joy, 175g legal weight, 3 Connor Hallett, 140g

Heaviest Flat Fish: Aaron Hughes, 36g plaice

Heaviest round Fish: Jack Parkman, 314g mackerel

First Fish: Connor Hallett

Last Fish: Jack Parkman Most Species: Aaron Hughes, (two), drawn out of hat as four competitors had two species)

Wooden Spoon: Aaron Hughes Weather: Cloudy with some sunshine and a south-westerly wind three. Sea was choppy with slight colour.

All prizes donated by The Old Watchouse Café, Kay Guppy, Mike Hallett and Tiny Dawe.