SOON-TO-BE Bridport manager Edgar Marcu has revealed he took the Bees’ job in order to tackle a huge rebuilding project.

Marcu was last week announced as the new Bridport manager from the start of the 2022/23 season and will continue to assist caretaker boss Shaun Annetts for the final five league games.

Marcu will be the permanent successor to previous boss Rob Marquis, who left the club 48 hours before Christmas Day.

The Romanian, who played in the Otelul Gelati ranks as a young right-sided midfielder before moving to England, has coaching experience at Yeovil, Paulton Rovers and Radstock Town.

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He has also sold his Yeovil-based pizzeria business to concentrate fully on football and revealed his intention to turn Bridport’s fortunes around after relegation this season.

Asked why the Bridport job was attractive to him, Marcu told Echosport: “Because of the position they’re in at the moment.

“That would be a big question mark but if another club with a better situation would make me, at the same time, an offer I would go with Bridport.

“If you name yourself a good football manager, it’s not when you have something already built and have to carry on.

“Look at (Gio) van Bronckhorst at Rangers, he just took over after Stevie Gerrard and he found everything done so he just had to continue.

“But at Bridport, it’s a project where you have to build and I like to build football teams.

“It’s easy to bring in players with experience.

“I said to Adrian (Scadding, chairman) if you want someone to bring in players at Western League level I am not the right man.

“If you need someone who wants to achieve bigger things with the club, I’m the right man. I really believe a good manager will be able to improve existing players.

“If you succeed at that, then you’re a proper manager. You can call yourself a coach.”

Marcu spoke of his enjoyment at tackling what is a massive mission at Bridport, given the Bees have so far lost 29 of 31 league games this term.

“I would call it a huge challenge,” he said.

“I’m a person in life, behind football, who’s gone through a lot. Every single day is a challenge.

“I’m born to face challenges and I mean it. At one point I had to choose either to keep my restaurant running or go with football.

“I decided to go with football because football is the mission of my life. Every single person has a mission.

“Not every person has the luck to do their passion, so I feel lucky I started with this challenge at Bridport because that’s the right place to grow alongside the team.”