BRIDPORT have confirmed one player has tested positive for Covid-19.

At least three other players are in self-isolation after being noted as close contacts by the NHS Track & Trace app.

The player concerned, who has not been identified, is experiencing mild symptoms and is expected to make a full recovery.

Negative tests have been returned by the remainder of the Bees’ squad.

Bridport played Champion Sports in a training game on Friday evening, losing 2-1, but their opponents have a clean bill of health.

Bridport were consequently forced to cancel training on Tuesday but return for tonight’s session.

Their friendly against Street on Saturday has also been cancelled ahead of a Toolstation Western League Premier Division opener at home to Helston on Saturday, July 31.

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Speaking to the Bridport News, boss Rob Marquis said: “It’s not the whole squad, or anything like that.

“We’ve given them a call to let them know we’ve had a positive test.

“I’ve not heard any comments that they’ve had a positive.”

Marquis added the Bees’ Covid-19 protocols for the Champions Sports game were strongly in place, with each team’s changing rooms segregated.

However, he believes the Bridport players concerned were in one of two changing rooms allocated to the Bees.

He added: “Because of the app, their phones have been in close proximity.

“We’ve got four changing rooms as Bridport, fortunately. We gave the other team two out the back and we had the two out the front.

“We did split them and they’re a reasonable size. Some of the lads were in the same changing room as the (affected) player.”

Troy Walbridge was the sole scorer for Bridport in the friendly.

Marquis added: “I learnt a few bits from it, some players are new and it was a mix of players that we used on both halves, with different formations in both halves.

“It was just me having a look – I’m not too disturbed about the result.

“If I was being pernickety, we could’ve done better on the two goals we gave away.

“After only three sessions together and players being new it wasn’t disturbing for me.

“I watched Champion Sports against Dorchester Sports and it ended 4-2 but at one stage they were absolutely all over Dorchester Sports.

“I know Dorchester Sports are in the DPL, but I thought we didn’t do too bad, considering we haven’t had a chance to work on the tactical stuff.”