BRIDPORT boss Rob Marquis has revealed some player targets have already agreed to sign for the Bees.

While only verbal agreements, Marquis is confident the players will sign for the 2021/22 Toolstation Western League Premier Division season.

Former Bridport goalkeeper Marquis is also encouraged by the attendance at pre-season training.

Referring to members of last season’s squad, he told the Bridport News: “I’ve spoken to most of them.

“Several of them have been at pre-season and a couple have been absent. We’ve only had two sessions.

“You know what players are like, they’re probably chatting to their mates and asking who’s turned up, aren’t sure and stuff like that.

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“They’ll make their own mind up. We’ve had good feedback from players throughout pre-season.

“We have been using the ball a lot, losing additional games at the end, a bit like murderball, which seems to go down well.

“The lads enjoy it, it’s hard work, they get a sweat on but it’s football-based. We’ve been doing drills that have involved the football a lot. It seems to be quite well received.

“Some of the players from under-23 sides that I’ve invited, they’ve indicated they’re committed to playing for us on a Saturday as well. We’ve got a good blend coming in.”

Marquis added: “There’s one lad with five years’ Toolstation experience coming down next week.”

Elaborating on his progress in the player market, Marquis said: “I’ve had several that I would like to be with us agree to sign.

“The trouble is, they can still wander off somewhere else. You’ll get a couple of players that’ll go somewhere for the sake of 20 quid or less.

“That’s their prerogative. It depends what they want out of it. I would think some players would benefit from staying somewhere like us.

“I’m not mentioning names at the moment.

“It’s looking positive for the fans, hopefully improvements are afoot.”