BRIDPORT boss Rob Marquis will aim to seal his first deals of the summer in the coming days.

Marquis will oversee the Bees’ return to pre-season tonight (6.30pm) with all players, old and new, welcome to attend at St Mary’s Field.

Bridport have already invited numerous former players, along with last season’s squad, to training.

First-team assistant Shaun Annetts has been instrumental in contacting players from Bridport’s past in a bid to add vital Western League experience to a youthful side.

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Speaking to the Bridport News, Marquis said: “We’ll be looking at making signings next week.

“We’ve had agreement from a number of players to come on Thursday, so we’ll see what turns up.”

Bridport’s first session back ahead of the 2021/22 campaign will be mostly comprised of fitness.

Marquis said: “It’s going to be a lot of fitness work, but gone are the days of running up Abbotsbury Hill!

“We will have some running involved and there will be a lot of increased demands.

“It will be more structured, considered and a more modern approach.

“There’s going to be ball work but it’s going to be based around fitness. It’s got to be measured and a sensible level. Hard work without overdoing it.”

Asked how soon he expects to nail down his first signings as boss, Marquis replied: “Immediately, really.

“We’ve got players we’ve invited that we hope will be there – and they’ll be invited to sign pretty soon, next week maybe.”

Bridport send their best wishes to Chris Herbst, who was airlifted to Southampton Hospital after suffering a medical emergency this week.