BRIDPORT & West Dorset Golf Club has thanked its membership for unwavering support – despite the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on sporting activities.

Following the first national lockdown in March last year, clubs were permitted to reopen provided they adopted strict ‘Covid-secure’ measures.

The nature of golf, being outdoors and playing in separate groups, has also lent itself to an influx of players taking up or returning to the game.

Bridport & West Dorset’s general manager Andy Dennis described his members as “supportive” during these unprecedented times.

He said: “We’ve got a very good management system in place.

“It’s good to point out that we’ve got a very supportive membership here, where during the lockdown people have still carried on paying their Direct Debit as it’s their club – it’s a private members’ club.

“If members were to stop paying their subscriptions that’s to the detriment of the club and we’d have to make cuts accordingly.

“Through all last year, the membership were phenomenal.”

He added that trust in members was also crucial.

“As a club, we can only do what we can do. It’s all down to individuals, who’ve got to act responsibly in the car parks,” he said.

“But as a golf club and business, we think we’re Covid-secure and are ready to open as soon as we can.”

Membership has even risen at some Dorset clubs, with Charminster reporting a rise in members and playing activity when golf returned last summer.