COLFOX dominated the final area race of the season in their own back yard.

Beautiful conditions prevailed at Sir John Colfox Academy after a period of heavy rain and the host school delivered a number of impressive wins, including the seemingly invincible junior boys.

For the first time in a decade the course was changed due to the amount of rainfall that made some areas too dangerous.

Results – Year 7 individuals: 1 F Hunt (Woodroffe); 2 M Macdonald (Colfox); 3 A Scarborough (Beaminster).

Year 7 girls’ teams: 1 Colfox; 2 Beaminster; 3 Colfox B.

Year 7 individual boys: 1 Archie Elliott (Colfox); 2 O Parker (Woodroffe); 3 L King (Beaminster).

Year 7 boys’ teams: 1 Colfox; 2 Woodroffe; 3 Beaminster.

Junior girls individuals: 1 I Pellow (Woodroffe); 2 A Clark (Woodroffe); 3 E Cox (Colfox).

Junior girls’ teams: 1 Woodroffe; 2 Colfox A; 3 Colfox B.

Junior boys individuals: 1 Jonny Styrin (Colfox); 2 K Coombs (Colfox); 3 H Birchall (Woodroffe.

Junior boys’ teams: 1 Colfox A; 2 Woodroffe; 3 Colfox B.

Inter-girls individuals: 1 P Clark (Woodroffe); 2 A Greenslade (Woodroffe); 3 L Devecsery (Colfox); Inter-girls’ teams: 1 Woodroffe; 2 Colfox; 3 Colfox B; Inter-boys’ teams: 1 Colfox; 2 Beaminster; 3 DTHS. Inter-boys individuals: 1 Owen Pitcher (Colfox); 2 O Forsee (Colfox); 3 A Ross (Colfox)

*Nathan Hawker from CHG South West presented the trophies.