SENSEI Jake Birkett from Bridport Aikido Club was awarded 4th Dan by Sensei Phil Bolt (6th Dan), head of Kolesnikov’s School of Mind and Body Development with Aikido (KSMBDA), at a course in Bristol.

Sensei Birkett has been training in aikido for 22 years and teaching for 18 years in Bridport and Canada.

His 4th Dan was awarded in recognition of this and for his loyalty to the organisation.

Bridport Aikido Club trains on Wednesday evenings in the main hall at Bridport Leisure Centre from 7.40pm-9.10pm (juniors finish at 8.30pm).

Contact Birkett (4th Dan) on 01308 459364 for more information or take a look at or find the club on Facebook:

Aikido is a dynamic Japanese martial art originally developed by Master Morihei Ueshiba during the first half of the 20th century.

It is not only an effective self-defence system but also a method of strengthening the mind and body to produce a more integrated person.

“Aikido” means: the way (do) of harmony (ai) and the spirit/energy (ki).