SUE Lawton, Mike Cash and John Burwood’s Tigerwoods are almost out of sight at the top of the Morning League after defeating second-placed Tryhards 18-5.

Brian Pond, Alan Wotherspoon and Phil Hedges Brothers jumped to second after a 12-7 win over Jacobites.

Mary Hansford, Penny Pither and Mike Fletcher’s Spitfires are third, ending Bubbles’ hopes with a 22-3 win.

Harry Gray, Brian Suffling and Chris Thorner’s Castaways and Sylvia Fletcher, Val Dodd and Peter Varney’s Bredy Bunch were 16-7 and 10-9 up over Risers and Beestings respectively.

Tony Sharood, Keith Peraux and Ivor Parker’s Pick n Mix need one point from their last three games to win the Evening League after thumping Three D’s 25-5.

Sue Winkle, Barry Mapson and Gordon Lee’s Balloons beat Gophers 15-10 to stay second.

Neal Gibson, Peter Sandall and Mike Fletcher’s Hurricanes are a point behind in third after a 17-6 win over Nighthawks.

A late five count gave Mary Hansford, Brian Pond and Mary Marsh’s Rejects a 15-14 win over Lizards.

Jokers and Hijackers beat Buccaneer’s and Dreamers 18-6 and 14-9 respectively.