IAN Draper took the David Cornick Trophy for the best specimen as West Bay Sea Angling Club held their annual Specimen & Species Festival.

Club members were able to fish anywhere along the English shoreline, but many fished within a 25-mile radius of West Bay.

The first and second day of the competition the weather was terrible and many of the entrants did not fish, but the rest of the week was not as bad.

At the start of the competition the steward draws a fish species out of a hat, this is the golden fish, this year it was garfish.

The club also had a team award up for grabs over the week as well as individual prizes.

During the week many good fish were caught, weighed and released alive.

Roger Guppy decided that as his team-mate Draper had the better specimen then him, on the Saturday he would set out solely to catch a garfish and hopefully win the golden fish prize.

Draper managed to catch four specimen golden grey mullet in all, but as the rules states he was only able to claim one prize in the specimen side of the competition.

In all 27 different species were caught over the eight days.

David Cornick Trophy for the best specimen: Ian Draper, golden grey mullet 141.76%, Roger Guppy, thick-lipped mullet 79.71%, Emma Stokes, dogfish 79.37%.

The John & Frances Hunt Trophy for the most species: Norman Stokes with 18 species followed by June Stokes with 12 species and, due to a tie break and Frances Kitchin with 12 species.

Most fish points: Norman Stokes 58pts.

Top junior (fish points): Ben Stokes 15pts.

Team prize: Frances Kitchin & Adam Cullingford 16 species.

Golden fish: Roger Guppy garfish 54cm.

Five juniors and five seniors fished the annual junior against parents open match on a sunny and very hot day, the wind was south-easterly two – three breeze and the sea was clear. Only two competitors caught mackerel – seven small ones between them.

Toby, who was a guest, was the runaway winner of the match and won the prize money and trophy.

Last year’s winner Steve Fowles tried his hardest to catch fish so he could retain the trophy but the fish were not playing, he managed two fish, which left him in last place and the winner of the wooden spoon.

Results: Toby (junior) 607g, Rod Barr (senior) 502g, Ben Stokes (junior) 440g

Wooden spoon: Steve Fowles

Species caught on the day were: shanny, pollock, mackerel, tompot blenny, ballan and corkwing wrasse.