BRIDPORT boss Rich Robson has revealed the Bees are to assess a number of trialists with their pre-season training having begun on Tuesday.

While Robson would not share names, the new manager is upbeat about the campaign ahead and insists players must be passionate about playing at St Mary’s Field.

He told the Bridport News: “We want players who want to play for Bridport, whether they were here before or want to come in.

“We want the desire to play for Bridport and see Bridport do well.

“It’s a privilege to play for Bridport because it’s such an historic club, over 120 years old.

“It’s an important institution that Dorset has had and they’ve always been a strong football club.

“We want players who want to see that grow and we ourselves want that to grow, so we’re hoping to have that sort of player in.

“We’re going to start working hard, train three times a week and go from there.”

Robson also emphasised the Bees’ continuing wait to tie players down, with Braeden Symes and Ed Butcher leaving for Southern League South Division One side Paulton Rovers.

“The situation’s the same as it was, it’s always difficult in pre-season,” he said.

“They get to experience us (new management team) and see if they want to work with us. I know from watching them last season they’re a good bunch, a good team.

“Obviously Symesy and Ed have gone to a level higher and we can’t begrudge that because as a player you want to play at the highest level you can.

“So good luck to them and they’ll always be welcome back. On that aspect we’ve just got to see how that progresses.

“When another regime leaves there’s always going to be a little bit of movement in and out because of tight bonds with the other management team.

“We’ve got to see what happens over pre-season, but we just want players who want to play for Bridport - it’s a fantastic club.”