BEAMINSTER’S 2018/19 darts season has concluded where appropriately Nothing But Treble achieved three trophies.

The team claimed the league runners-up title just behind Mustangs, and also finished second in the team game, before winning the Brutton Cup.

Mustangs won the team game as part of their double, while Marauders claimed the Beer Cup and finished second in the Brutton Cup.

Results: League winners: Mustangs; League runners-up: Nothing But Treble.

Wooden spoon: Bill Lot.

Beer cup: Marauders.

Brutton cup winners: Nothing But Treble.

Brutton cup runners-up: Marauders.

Usher cup winners: Mustangs Rebels.

Usher cup runners-up: Mustangs Rejects.

Team game winners: Mustangs.

Team game runners-up: Nothing But Treble.

Pairs winners: Wayne Singleton and Chris Topp (Mustangs).

Pairs runners-up: Stuart Alner and Sam Kapur (Nothing But Treble).

Mixed Pairs winners: Wayne Singleton and Beckie Dedman; Mixed Pairs runners-up: Mark Munro and Elaine Knight.

Singles winner: Graham Knight (Who’s Afeard); Singles runner-up: Stuart Alner (Nothing But Treble).

Most 180s: shared between Wayne Singleton and Sam Kapur.

Highest game shot: Chris Topp.

Most wins: Chris Topp.