BRIDPORT boss Rich Robson admits he had a shortlist of transfer targets drawn together with assistant-manager Ryan Dovell before the duo even went for the job.

The Bees’ management team have their shortlist for additions and say that they hope to get some exciting ones over the line.

Robson said: “We had a shortlist together before we even went for the job. You want to be prepared as possible before you even put yourself in that situation, you don’t want to go in blind.

“We have got our targets, we are talking to as many people as we can now.

“Hopefully we can get some exciting ones over the line but anything can happen in football. We are just hoping that what we are trying to sell – our culture, our philosophy – is what is going to win some players over.

“We are hoping to be exciting, not just in the way that we play but our vision and our goal of where we are going to go.”

Robson also emphasised a desire to grow their footing within the surrounding area and give local players a good chance.

He said: “We will be looking to grow very strongly within our local footing as well, giving young talented local players a decent crack and a decent chance as well.

“We are trying to strengthen our local links as well as the links that the club already have, especially in terms of playing staff.”

Robson got the Bridport job following the departure of manager Adam Fricker, who left at the end of last season.