NEW Bridport boss Rich Robson says he is ‘buzzing’ to get the Bees’ job, which was announced last week.

Ryan Dovell has also joined the Bees as Robson’s assistant and they are looking to push on.

Robson said: “I am chuffed. I think Frags (Ryan Dovell) is too, I think it is something when we saw it come up we thought ‘you know what it is something we could both do, it is something we could grow but also help them improve and I am absolutely buzzing to really get into it and really just push on.”

Robson also took time to praise the squad that ex-boss Adam Fricker has put together, singling out their attitude and personality for praise.

He said: “We have been speaking to a lot of the lads.

“Since we have come in we have spoken to everyone, introduced ourselves, they seem like a really good bunch of lads, easy to talk to, no difficult characters in there.

“So you can see that Adam (Fricker, ex-Bees boss) has put together quite a good group of players in terms of attitude and personality.

“We are really looking forward to start working with them as soon as we can.”

When asked about his main aims, Robson said they aim to help the club grow on and off the pitch.

He said: “Obviously Frags and myself, we want to win as much as we can, we want to try and progress, obviously they finished 13th last year.

“We are looking to bring a culture in down throughout the club so the club itself can grow so we are looking to try and help the club progress on and off the pitch as much as we can.”