LYME Regis Golf Club’s Kieron Fowler has become a fully qualified Professional Golfers Association player after completing his degree and is now in the final qualifying for the Europro tour.

Fowler came to Lyme Regis Golf Club five years ago where he quickly gained the support and confidence of many members with his coaching lessons, from novice to single figure golfer.

Fowler also played on the Europro tour for a couple of years, where he had a few good results but had not made enough money to stay on the tour and did not have a sponsor.

Fowler decided to turn his attention to another side of the golfing industry and start a Professional Golfers Association degree.

The PGA degree broadened his knowledge training him in many areas, including: business, finance, sports science, golf rules, custom fitting and golf coaching, while also giving him the opportunity to compete with some of the country’s best golfers in top tournaments all around the UK.

Fowler was very fortunate that Lyme Regis head coach Duncan Driver gave him the opportunity to start his degree, while also continuing his respected coaching with Lyme members.

Now, after three years of hard work Fowler is a fully qualified PGA professional, finishing in the top 10 of all UK graduates in 2019.

Fowler is now dedicating himself to playing and coaching this season and has already played in five events, with two wins, a fourth place, a sixth place and is in the final qualifying for the Europro tour.

This three years of hard work did leave time for some play and while studying he was also: winner of the Dorset and Wiltshire Order of merit in 2017 and 2018, came in sixth place in the PGA assistant championship 2017 as well as the winner of the year two and three assistant of the year in the South West

Fowler said: “I would like to thank all the members of Lyme Regis Golf Club for their fantastic support over the past few years and for their continued support with my playing career.”