PADDY Behan said he will “probably not” put himself forward for the top job at Bridport, after manager Adam Fricker announced he was leaving on the last day of the season.

Behan was the long-time assistant to Fricker at the Bees but admitted something fresh for the club might be better.

When asked if he will be putting himself forward, Behan replied: “Probably not, I have got a busy life myself.

“I have got a business to run as well and like I said me and Fricks have pretty much done it together for the last seven years so I understand his reasons totally.

“He is really busy work wise, it is very hard for him because it takes up a lot of time.

“A few of the lads have said to me and a few people have been saying ‘are you going to’ and just something fresh for the club might be better.

“A new fresh set of eyes again, someone who might know some more local players, from mine and Fricks’ point of view we know lots of players Taunton, Yeovil way it is not so easy to attract them to Bridport.”

However, Behan did say he would be open to listen to anybody if they came in, but emphasised that would not necessarily mean he would stay.

Behan said: “I’m open to listen to anybody, I would not say no, I always feel that if somebody comes into a job they have got their own people that they work with so that tends to happen.

“Yes I suppose I would speak to someone.

“But it still would not mean that I would necessarily say ‘Oh yeah this is fantastic I am going to stay.’”