ADAM Fricker is stepping down from the role of Bridport boss due to work commitments.

The announcement was made in the match program for the Bees' 2-1 loss at home to Hallen, which saw them end the season 13th in the Toolstation Western Premier Division.

However, Fricker emphasised that if he was staying in football, he would be staying at Bridport.

Fricker said: "It was just work commitments really, I just physically don't have the time to give 110 per cent. 

"If I am perfectly honest I have known all season, probably from the end of last season, there has always been a big question mark over if I would carry on.

"I decided to give it one more shot, but I am a person that if I cannot give 110 per cent I just will not do it. With work and family life I have got too much on to commit to the football club.

"One important thing that I need to say from my perspective that needs to be said is that if I was staying in football then there would be no doubt that I would be staying at Bridport football club."

Anyone interested in applying for the job should contact Bridport chairman Adrian Scadding on 07785752522 or on