BRIDPORT Bees reached the final of the county Over 60’s League Knockout stage after a 39-35 overall semi-final win against a strong Moonfleet C.

Played at Dorchester, Moonfleet found the pace better early on, but by the 15th end the Bees had turned it around with Brian Baker, Bob Hill and John Burwood plus Brian Medland, Keith Jenkins and Paul Hallett leading 20-12 and 14-12 respectively.

The match then took a dramatic turn as Hallett’s trio dropped a seven count to set up a thrilling last end.

It looked like Moonfleet were going to pinch it as Burwood’s trio were four shots down with Burwood left with just his last wood to bowl, but under tremendous pressure he played the perfect wood to draw shot right onto the jack for the win, with the sporting Moonfleet side all applauding Burwood’s wonder wood.

Other squad members included John Boxall, Chris Everest, Barry Mapson, Roy Nicoll, Peter Scott and Arthur Stone.

Bridport Ladies A team just missed out on maximum points in their County League match away against second-placed Bournemouth A losing 30-29.

Lyn Craddock, Helen Dowling, Laura Taylor and Sue Walsh did pick up two points with a 20-14 win but with Pamela Daters, Gill Hunt, Margaret Pestelle and Annie Legg losing 16-9.

A fine 43-20 away win at Moonfleet, followed with Pestelle, Hunt, Walsh and Legg and Frances Hewett, Dowling, Pat Cornick and Margaret Clapp winning 27-8 and 16-12 respectively.