CASH-stricken Uplyme & Lyme Regis Cricket Club’s future has been secured following the club’s AGM.

Following the meeting, the club have announced that the funds needed to be raised for the roller have been secured but will be fielding only one league side next season.

Club secretary Derek Wellman said: “We had a very good response this season to the appeal for the roller donations.

“The whole community has been very good in donating money. We raised over £3,000 at the club auction.

“The finances are greatly enhanced and in a more healthy position to carry on to go forward.”

Wellman said it had been a good AGM for the club, but confirmed that the club has gone down to one league side.

Wellman said: “We had a good AGM, a few things got sorted out. The main issue was that we are now going down to one league side. The rest of the fixtures will be made up of Sunday friendlies and 20-20s during the week.”

The decision to drop down to one team was due to membership numbers.

Wellman said: “It was membership numbers really, we have not got enough members to fill both sides.”

The club had issues with trying to field both sides throughout the season for the last two years and Wellman said that it had come to a head.

The club hopes to keep the same number of games and gain more members involved through the ‘Sunday fun day’ games.

The good news off the pitch contrasts with the news from the pitch, which saw Uplyme & Lyme Regis relegated from the D Division East of the Tolchards Devon League after a disastrous season.