BRIDPORT assistant-manager Paddy Behan says the Bees are not bothered by their slump to 15th in the Toolstation Western Premier Division table.

The Bees have only played four league games prior to their home clash with Cadbury Heath on Saturday (3pm).

The slump comes as a result of all the cup matches the Bees have played, meaning that they, alongside Bitton, have played the fewest number of matches in the division and with four points from those games.

Behan said: “It happened to us last year, it is happening to us again this year.

“We have a couple of wins and we are back up there again.”

Behan admits that having the points is better but targets wins regardless of whether they are in the cup or the league and highlighted a target of putting together a consistent run of wins.

Behan said: “At the end of the day, the points on the table are better for us, I admit that. I personally don’t think it is bad having a cup run, I think winning games is the most important thing, whether it is in the cup or in the league.

“I think that is the one thing that me and Adam have been a little bit frustrated with over the last couple of seasons.

“We have put together runs, a couple of wins a couple of draws but we have not put together five, six, seven, eight wins and that is where we want to be and that shows a bit of consistency and maturity when you start doing things like that. I think that is the only frustration that we have got.”

Mark Salter and Chris McGrath could return for the Bees.