BRIDPORT & West Dorset golfers endured a frustrating time over the new year as the course had to be shut for nine consecutive days due to the wet and windy conditions writes Peter Crowter.

The Bridport course is free draining and rarely has to be closed and I am guessing this is unprecedented, having been a member myself for 26 years nothing like this has happened during my membership.

It did not interfere with new captain Mike Savage's drive-in on January 6 as 70 members turned out, with Dave Smith coming closest to the captain's drive while Savage provided homemade sausage rolls and a hot drink for those who attended.

The January monthly medal took place the following day with and 44 men turned out with the outstanding score of the day came from Division Three where Robert Smith carded a tremendous score of 84-20=64 but being a non-qualifier event his handicap remained the same.

There was just one other nett score lower than 70 and that was the top score in Division One, a nett 69 scored by George Brown.

The leading score in Division Two was handed in by Nathan Dunford and who scored a nett 71.


Division One: 1 George Brown 81-12=69, 2 Dave Smith 82-11=71, 3 Gary Edwardes 81-8=73.

Division Two: 1 Nathan Dunford 89-18=71, 2 Dave Howat 92-18=74, 3 Ian Thacker 91-15=76.

Division Three: 1 Robert Smith 84-20=64, 2 Chris Wren 96-25=71,

3 Marc McMaster 96-23=73.