A woman has spoken out after a ‘terrifying’ dog attack which left her partner badly bruised.

Jane Evans and partner Ivan Gorshkov were walking along the Marine Parade in Lyme Regis when a German Shepherd dog - which was on a lead and muzzled - ‘lurched’ at Mr Gorshkov.

Badly shaken, Mrs Evans contacted the News to make other people aware and encourage dog owners to control their pets.

Before the incident, she and Mr Gorshkov said they spotted the same dog running on the beach where it ‘attacked’ a family with four children.

Mrs Evans said: “The owner was miles away. He must have seen what happened but he just walked past.”

Later the couple, from Chard, were walking on the Marine Parade when they saw the dog and owner again.

Mrs Evans said: “The dog was on a leash but it sprang forward, almost using its muzzle as a weapon. Again, there was no apology from the owner. If it had been a toddler, the outcome could have been much worse.”

Mr Gorshkov was left with three bruises on his leg. The couple reported the incident to Dorset Police.

A spokesman for the force confirmed they were called at 1.43pm on Sunday and members of the public reported an attack by a dog on a man on the Marine Parade in Lyme Regis. The man was not badly injured, the spokesman added.

No arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing.

Mrs Evans added: “Had the owner apologised I would have thought it was just a one-off and that would have been the end of it. We have dogs and they can be unpredictable. If I am out and I feel my dog tense up because he takes a dislike to someone, or to another dog, I hold him by the collar. That’s what a responsible dog owner does.

“This dog was wild on the beach. I just can’t understand the owner taking out a dog like that.”

The couple said it ‘wasn’t a pleasant experience’ but added that it hasn’t put them off going to Lyme Regis.

“It was quite scary. I sat my partner down on a wall afterwards and he was shaking.

“It’s a beautiful looking dog, very slender, very lean, and looks quite young.

“But people need to be warned to keep away from it. It’s a danger to everyone and the owner is doing nothing to help the situation.”