THERE were no rumours about it - a pop legend really did pop in to meet a group of young musicians in a chance visit.

Youngsters at Lyme Regis-based charity B Sharp welcomed Mick Fleetwood, of Fleetwood Mac, to have a look around along with Matt Griffiths, the chief executive of the National Foundation of Youth Music

Mr Fleetwood was visiting family in the area and called in to observe one of B Sharp’s music projects at The Hub.

B Sharp’s music leader, Jacques Verhaeren, and creative director, Fran Williams, spoke with Mr Fleetwood after the session.

They said: “Mick said that he wished there had been something like B Sharp around for him when he was young and that every town needed it.

“Mick added there’s nothing like learning through playing together and that he was lucky when he was young because his parents let him make music at home.”

Following on from Mr Fleetwood's visit, Mr Griffiths spent the day with B Sharp during his tour of the South West, where he is visiting projects and organisations the foundation supports.

The foundation is known for investing in music-making projects for children and young people, particularly those facing challenging circumstances, and it has supported B Sharp's for many years.

Mr Griffiths observed one of B Sharp's sessions with early years children, which are part-funded by a grant from the foundation.

He said: “I heard very personal accounts of how B Sharp provides a welcome, supporting environment. This powerful combination of helping young people progress and social action is at the heart of what B Sharp does.”

B Sharp’s Mr Verhaeren added: “Wow; having two such amazing visits from inspirational people in the music industry in one week is so great for B Sharp. We build the skills, creativity and confidence of young people through music and it’s inspiring for me and the team to see the importance of this being recognised by Mick and Matt”

B Sharp offers all young people from all walks of life the opportunity to make music.

If you are aged between eight and 19 you can sign up to one of the charity's regular music projects in Lyme or Bridport, or go along for a free taster.

For more information, visit or call 07968 177663.

B Sharp's next event is in Lyme Regis on Saturday, December 2 from 7pm.