SYD Rowsell has been following the saga of the East Street toilets with interest as the house which once occupied that site was tenanted by his paternal grandparents early in the last century.

He has sent the News a picture of the front aspect facing on to King Street, No 3, and one of the backyard of the house.

He said: “My grandfather, Sam is shown in the doorway with daughter Florence.

“The archway next to the house led up to a terrace of three small houses, Nos. 1a,1b and 1c.

“I was born at No.1c in 1927. The backyard photo shows my mother and her three daughters in 1915 when she was awaiting the arrival of her fourth daughter “She lived there with my grandmother while my father was away in France. He was an ex-regular soldier who re-enlisted when the Great War broke.

“A bomb dropped in the garden of No.3 in the second war damaging all four properties.

“I thought this may be of interest to your readers. I also attach a picture of my parents outside No.1c holding my elder brother.

“I thought this may be of interest to your readers.”

We are sure it is, thank you Mr Rowsell.