FOR anyone who thinks our extreme weather is anything new, they only need to refer to back copies of the Bridport News.

Our grateful thanks to Bridport Museum assistant curator Margaret Milree for digging out these snippets from a BN Jubilee Supplement of June 23, 1905 – the Bridport News Jubilee, not a royal one.

She thought the Great Snowstorm on Boxing Day, 1886 could be a seasonal contribution but decided to add the rest to show that severe weather conditions are nothing new.

Bridport Weather 1881-1905 January, 1881 – A month of snowstorms and frosts. Road and rail traffic was stopped for several days and there were many snowdrifts. Shortly after this there was a great gale off the coast which did considerable damage to shipping.

December 26, 1886 – On Sunday evening a terrific snowstorm swept over the country and it was of unusual violence in Bridport and district. The snow was preceded by heavy rains, but so great was the snow that it finally cut the town off from all communications with the outer world. Terribly destructive floods followed, bridges were broken on the railway and considerable damage was done in the town. This was the highest flood recorded at that time.

March 9, 1891 – A great snowstorm.

October 11, 1891 – Violent hurricane and two fishing smacks were driven on to West Beach.

December 12, 1893 – Violent gale and serious disruption of property around Bridport.

February 28, 1897 – Terrific hurricane visited Bridport and there was great damage to property.

February 22, 1898 – A great snowstorm over Bridport and district. A mail cart man and his horse had to be dug out of the snow.

September 10, 1903 – Terrific storm over the Memorable Exhibition of the Melplash Agricultural Society at Bridport and all the tents were blown over.

March 15, 1905 – A great cyclone visited Bridport causing vast destruction to property and some hairbreadth escapes were noted.

While we are on the subject of extreme weather it seems a fitting time to put in this winter scene picture, left, even if we haven’t had a white Christmas this year.

Still it is the chance for readers to see if they can identify when it was taken and who is in the picture?