SYD Rowsell writes to say he can identify a missing name in the photographs we published from Marilyn Sealy.

He says the missing name for the first man on the left of the skittles team was Fred Hoskins, his brother-in-law, and then Walt Hunt second and Ron Hoskins third, who was Fred’s youngest brother.

He doesn’t recognise anyone else but thinks the photo was taken in the skittle alley at the Sun Hotel in West Street which was their home ground.

The Sun was run by Fred's sister Alice and her husband Arthur (Nip) Norris who later moved to the Pymore Inn. Fred often worked behind the bar and as ‘sticker-up’ in the alley.

Fred and Syd’s eldest sister, Elsie, were married in 1932.

They had a son Clifford and a daughter Shirley who was born in 1937 but sadly all four are no longer with us. Syd became an uncle at the age of four.