This week we continue to look back at Charmouth and the fascinating pictures taken by photographer Claude Hider.

Claude was from West Bay and even though he started off as an amateur photographer, he soon turned professional and opened his own photography shop on South Street in Bridport called Pinn’s Photographic, which is still there today.

He mainly covered Charmouth, and we must thank local collector Neil Mattingly, who has provided us with these pictures and their stories.

Mr Mattingly gave a talk at the Community Hall in Charmouth last week on his extensive compilation and is currently looking to increase his collection.

Mr Mattingly said: “These photos provide real colour to what life was like in Charmouth in the early 1900s, and they are a great snapshot of not only Charmouth but its people.

“In the photos you can see people looking at Claude taking the photo with wonder at the equipment he is using, which shows just how rare these photos are because he was probably one of the only photographers about at this time.”

As always, Mr Mattingly is urging anyone who has any information regarding Mr Hider, or anyone who may have some of his old photographs and or the old glass plates to get in touch with him.

He can be contacted on 07961 451379 or email him at He has also created an extensive website that covers everything from tax records to detailed maps of how the town used to look at