Thanks to Derek Tattershall who dropped in this photograph of the last of the sprats seined at West Beach in West Bay in 1970.

As far as he recalls pictured are, from left, Ricky Whelch, Cliff Tattershall, Ron Tattershall, Derek Tattershall, Mike Harvey, John Caudwell, Eddie Watts and Pat Hawker.

He says they caught 20 tons that day.

We are sure there must be other readers who can share their memories or old photographs.

Local historian Elizabeth Gale has information on fishing in Burton in her book Farmers, Fishermen and Flax Spinners, The story of the people of Burton Bradstock, published in 1983.

She tells us the villagers always received a signal when fish were being landed – given by a long cow horn carved with the name of Thomas Hutchings, a mackerel and sailing ship. At the time of writing, the horn was still in the possession of his descendent Philip Hutchings in Burton.

Mackerel straying and the resultant catch, said Mrs Gale, caused as much commotion as if the village were on fire.

Fish caught at Swyre, Cogden or Burton would often be rowed to West Bay or fishwives would think nothing of carrying huge baskets full to sell in Maiden Newton – a day trip of 15 miles.