HERE are more photographs from Marilyn Sealy of West Bay who has lent us nearly 50 of her family photographs.

We’re sure there are quite of few of them that will bring back memories for many of our readers.

It’ll take us some weeks to publish them all but we think they’re worth it.

Many of the photos belonged to her late uncle Alf Hallett.

Her mother was Lucy Hallett, who worked in Elmes, her dad Albert Chubb who worked at Gundrys, her uncle Alf Hallett, and his brother-in-law Don Crumpton.

Her uncle’s wife was Marjorie-Ann, known in the family as Queenie and her father was Albert Crumpton who was an engine driver on the branch line that included West Bay.

Many of her pictures are of rural scenes of the times – including bee keeping and one of a hay rick.

There’s a picture of The Lily Hotel with Majorie-Ann Crumpton. The hotel is now a children’s nursery at the bottom of West Street.

Her uncle Alf married in April 1940. In their front garden they had a lovely pond and they built their shelter in the garden – and obviously practised wearing gas masks.

Majorie-Ann worked at Elmes until she was 70. She became manageress.

Mrs Sealy said: “They didn’t have any children. We always joked when she gives up the shop will close and it did.”

Mrs Sealy’s father was Albert Chubb. He worked in the netting firm from age of 14 when he left school – he worked in the office for 51 years, apart from the war years.

Last week Pauline Haskins contacted us to say the photo of the eight bathing belles included one of her aunt Olive Partridge, nee Phippen, who was on the left second down and not Betty Edwards.

She said: “My mother Norah who is 96 lives with us and she said that wasn’t Betty Edwards, that’s Olive.”

She sent the picture to another aunt just to confirm their identification.

“The four sisters were known in Bridport. Olive worked for Edwards for a while in the offices.

“There were two other sisters Eileen and Lily, they are younger but all in their 90s. They are all alive except for Olive.

Richard Hoskins also got in touch from South Wales.

He said: “I received a copy of the Bridport News with the old photographs of local people courtesy of my cousin Julia Berwick as I now live in South Wales and was particularly interested in the one of the skittle team.

“I am able to supply names for some of your queries : Back row: Fred Hoskins, Walter Hunt, Ron Hoskins, Jim Hoskins.Front row: Thompson, Albert Chubb, Bill Record.

“Jim Hoskins was my father, Fred and Ron were my uncles and together with their brother Harry, Walter Hunt and Bill Record, became a skittle team called ‘Happy Wanderers’ who for a time held the record for the highest score in the league.

“I estimate this photograph to have been taken during the late 50s or early 60s as at least three of the Hoskins brothers were away in the services prior to that.

“It has brought back some happy memories and I look forward to seeing any others you print.”