A SHOW about a Welsh legend is coming to a village hall near Lyme Regis.

Dreaming the Night Field, A Legend of Wales, is an evening of live music and storytelling, will be performed at Wootton Fitzpaine near Lyme Regis on Saturday March 3 at 7.30pm.

English and Welsh are artfully woven together to bring ancient voices and living landscapes to life in an exhilarating new performance that features one of Wales’ most engaging storytellers alongside exquisitely haunting live music.

Following a sell out tour with Fire in the North Sky, Adverse Camber return to Dorset this spring for two performances of their new show with Artsreach, the counties touring arts charity.

Dreaming the Night Field: A Legend of Wales transports audiences to the living landscapes of North Wales and the shining night sky, to discover a world bristling to life, filled with animals, constellations and people caught between making and undoing.

Based on the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion, one of Wales’ ancient, treasured legends, this performance includes traditional and new music of song, harp, accordion and drums, and is quirky, arresting and surprisingly poignant, filled with parallels to our own time.

Gwydion, nephew to the King, a magician and storyteller, provokes a war between North and South Wales and unleashes a chaos of consequences. Blodeuwedd, a woman conjured from flowers; a world of plants, animals, people and constellations, caught in stories of making and undoing, mortally wounds the man she was designed to marry.

Powerful and poetic, the story – the inspiration behind Alan Garner’s classic novel The Owl Service - is brought vividly to life by one of Wales’ most engaging storytellers, Michael Harvey, and through exquisitely haunting music from singer Lynne Denman and composer/musician Stacey Blythe

Dreaming the Night Field: a legend of Wales is a brand new show from Adverse Camber productions, one of the UK’s most celebrated storytelling companies.

See it in Winterborne Stickland (01258 880920) on Friday March 2 and Wootton Fitzpaine (01297 560948) on Saturday March 3. Further information and tickets are also available from the website artsreach.co.uk