SONGS from the iconic Talking Heads Stop Making Sense movie can be heard in Bridport tomorrow.

Focusing on tracks from the cult classic albums Remain In The Light and Speaking in Tongues, the London Astrobeat Orchestra is a funky, rhythmic, hypnotic, anthemic, uplifting, groovy, percussive, smack on point, earth-shatteringly tight, live band.

Selling out their first 4 debut shows at The Jazz Café, London, the band were affectionately nicknamed the African Talking Heads.

They comprise of some of the finest West African session musicians alive on this planet today… with band leader and bassist Edd Bateman hosting rhythmic influences from Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Mali, Cameroon and Congo.

Featuring Lingala singer and soukous aristocrat King Fire, blues rock and astropheric soundscaping guitarist and vocalist Julian Burdock, Guinean Master Griot kora player Mosi Conde and more.

When you consider the afrobeat vibes, that run through all the best Talking Heads albums, it’s only right that this collective of musicians, from West Africa, Europe and beyond should offer this completely unique, razor sharp, liquid funk and jaw-droppingly tight take, on the finest of Mr David Byrne and Co’s timeless compositions.

*The African Talking Heads Come To Bridport with the London Astrobeat Orchestra, Bridport Arts Centre, Friday, March 2, 8pm. Call the box office for tickets and more information.