Young engineers got to grips with a cross-curricular challenge.

Students at the Sir John Colfox Academy teamed up for the event offered by Land Rover/Jaguar, which incorporates STEM subjects, namely science, technology, engineering and maths.

Two teams of six from Colfox entered and both were successful in making it to the final at Newton Abbot.

The students had to design a shell for a remote controlled 4x4 rock crawler vehicle. This is a challenge as it needed to be made to very precise specifications and in a limited time frame. They also needed to create a portfolio of their work, a pit display and a verbal presentation.

Team Colfox Crazy Engineers was made up of Harry Brown, Ben Pimbley, Jake Randall, Jasmine Hart, Dan Cole and Fin Case. Team ‘Colfox Fibre’ was made up of Toby Pitfield, Eddie Rose, Cara Hatch, Ellie Hazle, Zac Dixon and Sam Hossack-Susans.

On the day of the final the students were judged on four different aspects. The first was the building of the car shell. They were grilled by three Land Rover/ Jaguar engineers on the design and manufacture of the shell. The judges also measured the car to ensure they met the precise specifications. Both teams’ cars did meet the requirements and they both received full marks.

The second aspect of judging was their portfolio and pit display presenting their team information, logo, designs, manufacture process and evaluation. Colfox Fibre scooped up the award for best pit display in the competition.

The third task was to drive the car complete with new shell around an obstacle course to see how durable their shell was. They had to complete this in a time limit with penalties for knocking over cones or falling off the course. Thanks to the star drivers of the Colfox Crazy Engineers, they took home the award for the best timed track run on the day.

The next stage of the competition is development class where students have to make the shell and electrics for the car. STEM co-ordinator at Colfox, Nadine Turner said: "I was so proud of the teams they worked together so well during the term and at the finals were a real credit. It has been great to see so much enthusiasm. We are already planning how we can improve when these students step up to the intermediate class and a new group of children join the entry level."

The students were grateful to secure £500 in sponsorship from Palmers Brewery and Dorchester Timber donated the wood required to complete the project.