Here are two big stories to end the year.

Firstly, in next week's edition of this newspaper look out for the consultation document regarding the implementation of 'waiting restrictions' along the whole length of Marsh Barn Road.

It is being published by Denise Stubbs, Senior Technical Officer of the Regulation Team of Dorset Highways. I  already know that the West Bay Community Forum intend to make submissions in  support of this proposal and I hope others will follow suite.

After many months of negotiation, and several fruitless attempts at a sale, John and Margaret Grundell have finally sold their much loved ice cream kiosk on the Esplanade at West Bay.

After 49 years in the business of selling much more than ice-cream, Margaret is finally retiring.  The business is being taken over by Sarah Forsey, a moither of two, who grew up in Pilsdon. Sarah said: "I am really looking forward to becoming part of this community."

Whilst it would be impossible to keep this a secret, I am organising a 'retirement gift' for John and Margaret. Monies for this gift may be left for my attention at the Harbour Master's office, in an envelope marked clearly John and Margaret's gift (cash preferred).

The office will be open for regular business from Janaury 4, 2018. The closing date for contribution will be Wednesday, January 24.

Let's ensure we say a proper farewell and thank you for all that they have done over so many years.