I WOULD like to say thank you for my treatment at Bridport Hospital Minor Injuries Unit on Thursday 16th November after a fall in the garden.

I had broken my left wrist, damaged a finger, grazed my face and sustained bruises. 

There were at least six other patients waiting, several of whom needed unscheduled x-rays. 

I was called at approximately 4.20 pm, examined, x-rayed and had sustained a break of the radius bone near the wrist. My finger was very swollen and bruised and time and effort was used to remove my two rings without the necessity of cutting them. 

Thank you, Chris, x-ray staff and helpers.

We are so lucky to have such an efficient, hard working, and caring hospital in Bridport as travelling to Dorchester – or beyond – when we are aged 80 odd years, is not easy.

Long may our hospital continue the good work.

Name and address supplied.