A COUPLE of weeks ago the front page of the News had a photograph of a lorry in a very tight spot linking it to the mayhem that will be caused by the closure of the top end of South Street.

This is in no way a reflection of the pedestrianisation, but of stupidity yet again of a driver.

No large van or lorry should be trying to negotiate such small roads. Commonsense tells you that and please do not try to blame sat navs for this either.

Road signs should clearly show where these sizes of vehicles can go.

Bucky Doo Square will become a hub for a couple of stalls on market days and music entertainment all year round. People can stand and listen without hampering shoppers. 

If businesses like Peaches have a large item to take to a customer’s car, then take it using a sack truck, they have probably brought it through the shop anyway. 

Parking up this end of the road is fairly non-existent anyway so really not a problem.

Get a grip Bridport. Make life easier not harder. 

I am sure holidaymakers will enjoy the freedom to stand and wonder in a small area of safer shopping.

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