BROADCHURCH actor Jonathan Bailey has revealed he finds it difficult to keep secrets about the show’s plot and has even run away when confronted by viewers asking about the series.

The cast and production team have been told to keep a lid on the thriller’s twists and actors say they are in the dark about what happens at the conclusion of the second series, which launched on Monday.

Mr Bailey, who returned to the south coast drama as journalist Olly Stevens, said he will be laying low to avoid any difficult questions over the coming weeks.

Speaking at the premiere of Testament Of Youth – in which he also stars – he said: “I’m going to go on a long holiday – I’m going to have a sabbatical for a year. I’m terrible at keeping secrets. I get all excited.

“I remember after the first series I had quite a jolly night out and everyone was waiting for a night bus, and I got accosted.

“I kind of just couldn’t deal with it and so I just shouted actor’s names that were in Broadchurch and ran off – so for that reason, I’m counting myself out.”

Mr Bailey said he too had not seen any of this series of Broadchurch, which once again stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman.