"On Wednesday 21st February Bridport Camera Club was pleased to welcome back local photographer Tim Booth, recent winner of the Marshwood Arts Prize, to judge their Monochrome Competition. Tim's relaxed but informative style attracted an almost overwhelming amount of entries as members were keen to hear what he had to say about their work.

The point of judging is to encourage and when Tim spotted technical difficulties he did it in a way that was designed to help ... for example, with one particular picture he didn't just say that the midtones were a bit mushy, he said that "popping up the blue channel during the black and white conversion can lead to a flattening of the midtones" so giving the photographer a solution rather than just a criticism. And whilst all judges have to talk about the technical, it was the 'story' of a photograph that really captured his attention. He wanted to see the point of focus, he wanted to be drawn into the narrative. He told the club "we are not press photographers, we are artists, we should try to interpretate what we see not imitate it", and it seemed that if that interpretation was slightly quirky then so much the better.

Projected Images:Section B

1st: Joy Uglow - Pass on By

2nd: Jessamy Wilsden - From on High

3rd: Joy Uglow - Eyes Front

Highly Commended: Mararet Preuss Higham and Alan Goodchild

Projected Images:Section A

1st : Chris Hilton - Legs

2nd: Chris Hilton - Renovation

3rd: Charlie Wheeler - Cygnets wing

Highly Commended: Maggie Walsh and Andy White

Prints: Section A

1st: Andy White - In the shade

2nd: Chris Hilton - Breaking the frame

3rd: Charlie Wheeler - Spotted hyena cub

Highly Commended: Andy White, Harold Jenkins, Rosie Mathisen

Prints: Section B

1st: Mike Somers - Concave

2nd: Margaret Preuss-Higham - Broken

3rd: Laurie Reeves - Reeds reflected

Highly Commended: Bill Harrington, Joy Uglow"