THE Bridport Mood Wall, during Bridport Mind Fest 2017, showed that whilst the average mood in Bridport is well balanced, one in four of Bridport’s population suffers from a mental health condition. This number includes over 200 seriously mental ill. 

When you include the carers, the families, the friends and colleagues of a quarter of the population of Bridport. The number affected by mental illness in this town and surrounding countryside could amount to two thirds of the population. 

Mental illness should therefore be at the centre of local interest. It is for all these people that Bridport Mind fest exists. The underlying aim is a serious one. It is to:

  • reduce the stigma attached to mental illness,
  • to raise awareness of mental illness
  • to signpost to where help is available 
  • thus, to help tackle the onset of mental illness at an early stage and thereby reduce the severity of the impact of it.

Bridport Mind Fest is not just a festival in Bridport’s calendar. It has a serious message and purpose for all people of all ages. 

Simon Williams
Chairman of Bridport Mind Fest