First Bus have accused villagers of deliberately parking cars so that a school bus can't get through.

Youngsters on their way to Sir John Colfox School are being delayed in Loders, according to First and Dorset County Council - because residents disagree with their form of transport. Villagers are now being asked to park more considerately - and to comply with the highway code.

Cllr Daryl Turner, Dorset County Council Cabinet member for natural and built environment, said: “Due to the number of children that need to be transported to this school we have contracted First bus to use a double decker to give local tax payers the best value for money.

“All routes are assessed for suitability and in some cases, we have to work with landowners to trim dangerous trees and hedges.”

Dervla McKay, head of operations for First bus, said: “It appears that some residents have parked their cars so that the bus cannot get through. When asked to move their vehicles, they have refused.

“Our drivers are keen to ensure they do their job getting local children to school safely and on time which they cannot always do due to the inconsiderate parking of some residents.

“A double decker bus is the same width as a single and if the bus can’t get through, then some larger emergency vehicles will not be able to get through either which is incredibly concerning.”

Dorset County Council has a statutory obligation to transport eligible children to school and must stick to length of journey guidelines set by national Government.

Cllr Turner added: “We are asking the residents to consider the needs of the whole community in this matter. Education is a very important part of our young people’s lives and getting them to school safely is a priority.

“We are also reminding all road users that they must comply with the highway code and to obstruct a highway is an offence.”