A KIND-hearted boy has braved the shave for a good cause. 

Charlie Goodrick wanted to give something back to the charity which helped his great grandad, who died this year after battling cancer. 

He decided to brave the shave in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, raising an impressive £450.

Charlie’s mum, Jodie, said: “Charlie has always been a very thoughtful, giving child. I can remember when we were on a family camping trip when he was much younger, he decided to share out his packet of animal biscuits with everybody; leaving him only one for himself. So when he asked us if he could Brave the Shave for Macmillan Cancer support, it wasn't much of a surprise.”

Charlie made the brave decision to chop of his hair after being inspired by the Macmillan nurse who took care of his great-grandad. 
Jodie said: “We sat talking as we filled in the application form. My granddad was unfortunately lost to us this year and in the last moments of his life it was a Macmillan nurse who was extremely supportive to him. She was remarkable and incredibly in touch with how he was feeling and was accessible to us even after his passing - you never felt alone. 

“Charlie's 'granny' who is a huge part of our lives, picking Charlie up from school every day, as his father and I both work, had lived with breast cancer and Charlie is very aware of that. 

“When we spoke about who he wanted to dedicate his shave to, he seemed quite coy and said that there was not just one person that he wanted to dedicate it to everyone who has been affected by cancer.”

Charlie smashed his £250 target when he Braved the Shave at Designers Edge on West Street, Bridport, raising more than £450 for the charity so close to his heart. 

Jodie said: “I know as a family we are incredibly proud of Charlie for what he is doing to raise money, which will bring care and support into people's lives in their time of need. However, I don't think he even realises what an inspiration he is, as this is him. This is Charlie.

“We are incredibly proud of our boy, who sat smiling as the clippers cut through his hair. Watched by family and friends, it was an emotional experience and we would just like to send a heartfelt thank you to Lacey from Designers Edge, who kindly agreed to shave Charlie and keep his donation box in the salon; she has been a great support. Also we would like to thank the staff at Woodroffe School and the Hyde for their generosity and all of our family, friends and members of the public who have donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.”